Terms of Services


Since my products are limited in quantity and to ensure a fair chance to anyone, I ask you to limit yourself to ONE pair of ears per sale/release, per person and per household, address, IP address and account. No exceptions! This also apply if you are helping a friend. You may either get a pair of ears for yourself OR for a friend, but can not do both in the same release/day. Failing to follow this rule will result in the cancellation of your order. Thank you for your understanding. We want that everyone has a fair chance of getting a pair of ears.

The rule above (one per person) doesn't apply to "Add Ons" items or to bows. You may purchase more than one "Add On" items or bows at once.

Buying with the intent to resell at higher price or buying for the sole intention of trading will result in a ban. Don't purchase if your intent is to resell for profit, to hold an auction or to use as trade fodder. Do not post about "potential trade" or "taking offers", etc, before even have the items in your possession. Not following these rules will result in a warning and/or being blacklisted right away.


Colors and texture of the actual product may appears slightly different in person than they look in photos due to camera limitation, devices and screen settings. I can't guarantee that the color and texture shown on your screen(s) is 100% accurate to the actual product. Because of this, I can't be held responsible if the color and/or texture in person does not look exactly the same.


Most of my items are handmade. I strive to offer quality products and I put lot of love and time in my creations, however, since the items are handmade, they may have small flaws due to human error. If you think something is not normal with the item that you received, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Handmade items are little pieces of art and should be treated with care. They are not toys and are not meant for kids or rough handling. Avoid any water on the ears. The paint/airbrushing is not meant for water, it could wash out. I can not be held responsible for any damages or harms caused by improper handling or use of the product.


I have no control over second-hand market. Please be careful. Always ask for photos that show well the condition of the product and proof that the person really has the item in their possession. Unfortunately, scams on second-hand platforms/market happen often and since it's out of my control, I can't help you if you get scammed. You can always contact me if you have question about the original price of an item.

If you are reselling one of my creations, please don't ask for more than what you paid. Also, if the ears have been modified or are damaged, you must tell the buyer(s) about it.


Prices, photos and availability of the products can be changed at any time and without notice.

I reserve the right to cancel any current order(s) and/or future orders, and refuse service to anyone at any time if I suspect suspicious activities or for any reasons that I could judge valid.

I can't be held responsible for any mistakes not made by me. As for examples, if you didn't choose the right item/color, you made a mistake in your shipping address, you didn't verify the prices and currency, etc.

By visiting my site and/or purchasing something from me, you agree to the terms of service. 

Please take a look a the "FAQs" section for shipping policy and more.